I'm holding another exhibit in a few weeks!

This counts as my second solo and is the collection of work I'm most excited about. It's been hit-and-miss for me since I picked up a paintbrush, but I'd like to think I've gotten closer (pun intended, haha) to the center with this new body of work.

These type posters for the exhibit were designed by one of my most talented friends, Sara Erasmo! The posters' backgrounds are closeups of actual paintings from the exhibit. 

I hope y'all are as excited as I am! Drop by and say hi!  :)



Instagram backlog! Here are photos of a few paintings I'm working for an upcoming show. Details soon! 


I've accumulated a huuuge backlog and a shit ton has happened in the course of 2 months. I know I've promised new entries to this blog time and time again, but it looks like they'll have to sit in my drafts for a little while longer since I've got my hands full with new stuff to work on and a few kinks in life I have to deal with..

A little color

I've been on a stubborn black and white phase for months and it's kind of refreshing to work with a little bit of color after so long.

This new painting is one of three (possibly 6, but I'm not quite sure yet) off a series I've been working on! I've been mulling over a common theme for them and I think I've pinned down an idea from last night. I'll write about it soon after I finish the other two that have been gathering dust for the past few days..

Snail's pace

Been trying to catch up with work, albeit rather slowly.. But hey, slow progress is still progress! Hopefully I'll be wrapping these two up by Friday if I work fast enough. My portfolio page still feels bare and I need to churn more work out. 'Til next time!


Bali 2013